Divine Forces Media coordinates cultural rites of passage and mentorship programs and personal change workshops for youth and young adults. Our trainings are designed for participants to establish physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, develop good character, cultural respect and a strong foundation rooted on principles, family and community. In our programs, questions and insights are discovered with participants through the writing of their personal narative to discover an understanding of the archaetypal wounds that create negative patterns of behavior such as abandament, shame, and betrayel. "At-risk" youth and formerly incarcerated youth and adults are mentored on their journey to heal from trauma, to find their own inner peace, and to aquire the skills and tools for their quest towards a paradigm shift and self-mastery.  

Divine Forces Media also produces award winning and number one Arbitron rated radio shows and Hosts inspirational and edutaining TV and Film productions, conferences, and concerts.

Divine Forces Media is devoted to implementing programs that stimulate and promote a new state of consciousness; harmony of the mind, body, and spirit; and knowledge that empowers the individual, family and community through media and auspicious projects.


                              Wellness Training High School Football and Cheer Teams / Fidel Rodriguez


                                                                     Meditation Class



RESPECT 101 Tour Juvneile Hall 2014 Immortal Technique 


RESPECT 101 Tour Juvenile Hall 2013 Freddie Roach and Fidel Rodriguez



The Bricks debut EP drops October 2014


Respect 101 Tour in Central Juvenile Hall with guest speakers Big Boy and Laura Diaz from CBS and event producer and host Fidel Rodriguez


Fidel Rodriguez and Manny Pacquiao pre Marquez fight


Babalawo Falokun Fasegun and Awo Ifaseye Adesanya (Fidel Rodriguez), Ode Remo, Nigeria


Hello World
Hello World
Radio Shows
Divine Forces Radio demo!
Released: Monday Dec. 14, 2009
192kbps 7:23
divine forces radio - 011-part
Released: Wednesday Aug. 05, 2009
96kbps 25:21
divine forces radio - 010
Released: Wednesday Aug. 05, 2009
96kbps 70:00
divine forces radio - 009
Released: Wednesday Jun. 17, 2009
96kbps 64:24
divine forces radio - 008
Released: Thursday Mar. 12, 2009
96kbps 78:52
MLK 1967 Speech
Released: Monday Jan. 19, 2009
96kbps 13:55
David Icke on Obama
Released: Friday Jan. 09, 2009
96kbps 54:30
Truth On Christ - Mas
Released: Monday Dec. 22, 2008
128kbps 25:36
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